Case Referral
The Centre provides clients with the best possible care management from professionals representing a wide spectrum of behavioral and mental specializations within and outside the University.

  1. Individual or Family Consultations
    Two types of cases are accepted:
    Teaching Case
    Private Case
    Agency referral
    For further information, please contact 2831 5158.

  2. Therapeutic Groups and Workshops on:
    Health enhancement such as body-mind-spirit health practices, Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese philosophy and physical exercises and mindfulness training
    Specific health issues such as mood disorders, eating disorders, sleeping disorders and elimination disorders
    People with infertility and undergoing assisted reproduction technologies
    Stress management and resiliency enhancement
    Body-mind-spirit health practices for cancer patients
    Creativity and multiple intelligence training for children, Love, sex, relationship, family, parenting & grand parenting
    Cancer and family relationships

  3. Customized Programmes for Corporate Clients
    The Centre provides a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) specifically for corporate management and its senior staff. The Centre develops and conducts tailor-made workshops for corporations on health related issues such as stress management and health enhancement. Our workshops are based on a holistic body-mind-spirit health model and is strength oriented. The Centre also provides critical incidence debriefing and management, post-trauma mental health services, psychiatric crisis support and professional advice on issues relating to mental health law.

For enquiry, please contact 2831 5158.