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"Over the years, the Centre on Behavioral Health is committed to enhance community well-being through public education. The multidisciplinary team at the Centre has been featured on various media coverage including interviews on newspaper, magazines on holistic wellness, and TV programs to disseminate results of our scientific envdeavors and to the furtherance of empirically-supported strategies to enhance well-being of individuals from all walks of life."
Expressive Arts Approach
RTHK 日常 8點半 (民生 健康) 05-03-2020
RTHK 日常 8點半 (民生 健康) 17-04-2019
TVB  無耆不有 02-04-2019
RTHK 31 我們在乎你 療癒系列 (禪繞畫)
Body-Mind-Spirit Approach
RTHK 日常 8點半 (民生 家庭) 12-02-2020
CableTV 至 Fit 男女 13-05-2017
RTHK 31  我們在乎你 療癒系列 (靜觀呼吸)
RTHK 31 我們在乎你 療癒篇 靜觀步行
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