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Dr. Adrian H.Y. WAN


Dr. Adrian Wan received postgraduate education in Postgruadate Certificate in Psychology (HKU, 2003), M.A. Trauma Psychology (CUHK, 2008), and Master of Social Work (HKU, 2011). As a researcher, his research interests are psycho-social oncology, cancer survivorship, coping with trauma, holistic health practices, as well as mindfulness practices and self-compassion. He was presented the Young Investigator Award in 2011 by the scientific committee of the 18th Hong Kong International Cancer Congress (HKICC).

As a social work practitioner, Adrian integrates approaches of holistic healthcare, mindfulness-based interventions, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He works with people suffering from a spectrum of mood-related problems; he also provides workshop and training to promote holistic health within community of helping professionals and general population in Hong Kong.


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