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Professor Rainbow T.H. Ho

Director, Centre on Behavioral Health
Associate Dean (Postgraduate Education), Faculty of Social Sciences
Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Director, Master of Expressive Arts Therapy Programme

Director, Master of Social Sciences (Behavioral Health) Program

Professor Rainbow Ho has joined the Centre on Behavioral Health since 2004. She holds degrees in Biology, Anatomy, and Social Work and Social Administration, professional diplomas in performing arts (dance) and movement analysis, and pedagogy of dance and somatic movement therapy. She is a registered and board-certified dance movement therapist, a certified movement analyst, a registered medical technologist, and a registered dance teacher. Professor Ho has extensive research experience in molecular cancer biology and clinical immunology.
Her current research interests include psycho-oncology, psychoneuroimmunology, mind-body interventions, spirituality, dance movement therapy, creative arts therapies, and non-verbal communications in psychotherapy. Apart from teaching and research, Professor Ho is also active in community services of promoting physical exercise, recreational activities, and healthy life style in clinical and healthy populations in Hong Kong.


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