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Dr. Venus P.Y. Wong

Associate Director
Program Director, MSocSc (Behavioral Health) 
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Venus Wong received her BSS(General – Psychology), MSS(Behavioral Health) and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Hong Kong. Her teachings focus on behavioral health, mindfulness, spirituality, holistic clinical practice and wellbeing for healthcare professionals and educators. Dr. Wong is a seasoned training consultant, specializes in strength-based body-mind-spirit approach integrating the indigenous wisdom and evidence-based practices from both the Eastern and Western teachings. She has been actively involved in wellbeing training for medical students, frontline health care practitioners and other human service professionals, including participants from Hong Kong, mainland China, US, and Korea. Her research interests include holistic intervention, mindfulness, and medical humanities. She is currently a voluntary member of the Plum Village Mindfulness Academy supporting the professional program development under the Plum Village tradition and the teaching of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.


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