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Dr. Vicky Q. Wang

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Wang holds a PhD in Social Work from HKU (2019) and a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania (2014). As a researcher, her interests encompass gerontology, psychological well-being, the intersection of religiosity and spirituality with mental health, and contemplative practices, particularly mindfulness.

In her capacity as a social work practitioner, Vicky integrates holistic healthcare, mindfulness-based interventions, and cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches. She collaborates with individuals grappling with various mental health concerns and conducts workshops and training sessions that foster spiritual well-being, address burnout among helping professionals, and enhance the spiritual health of the general population in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, Dr. Wang possesses expertise in teaching courses that delve into subjects such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence in healthcare, and social work research methods.

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