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Message From Director

Welcome to Centre on Behavioral Health. As globalisation and technology continuously evolve, demands for productivity and efficiency have given rise to stress under this competitive environment. One’s desires for better education, housing, food and comforts have also provoked stress in our daily life. Despite efforts in managing such stress, we often neglect our own emotional needs, failing to nurture psychosocial and spiritual well-beings. Centre on Behavioral Health aims to improve people’s quality of life by offering clinical behavioral and psychological services, pursuing quality research and providing professional trainings. We strive to become a centre of excellence with leading intervention models and internationally-recognised clinical research. By bridging Eastern and Western health philosophies and practices, together with the support from multi-disciplinary experts, we hope to empower and revive everyone in the community.


Professor Rainbow T.H. Ho


Director, Centre on Behavioral Health
Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Director, Master of Expressive Arts Therapy Programme

Director, Master of Social Sciences (Behavioral Health) Program
The University of Hong Kong

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